How to Honor God with Your Talent

How to Honor God with Your Talent

As a Christian athlete, one of the most difficult things to figure out is how to honor God while still acknowledging the talent you have. I HATE receiving compliments because of this! Do I tell them that God gave me the gift? Is that arrogant? Do I just say thank you and walk away? Well today we will break down how to Honor God with your talent and acknowledge Him the whole time!

1. Understand Your Role

I heard a story once about a guy who just got finished playing a soccer game. He went up to the other team to say good game and one of the guys responded saying, "It was all God!" All the guy could think about was "Well, you didn't play that good..." As Christians, we tend to think that God has way more impact in places He doesn't and undervalue where He actually is having impact. God didn't make the other team lose because He loves you more, He didn't necessarily make you score so that you can spread the Gospel either. God has given gifts and talents to us all, however, it's up to us to use those gifts and talents. Yahweh is not a puppet master, we have a part to play. We have to work and grow and develop the talents God gives us or else we will lose them. God has blessed us with the ability to grow and develop our talents, so use them. Remember your role, remember that God is not a puppet master, and acknowledge where God is truly involved in your talents.

2. Let Your Play Reflect Your Values

My biggest pet-peeve when it comes to sports is the athletes that walk around wearing Christian apparel and Cross Necklaces then act like complete jerks to everyone! As Christians, we are called to be respectful, loving, caring, humble, and other values that if we truly knew Christ, we would reflect.The issue comes when athletes decide to use God and the cross as a cool side chick to their arrogant life style. As Christians, we need to let our play, our words, and our actions on and off the field reflect who we are in Christ. We can't be walking around acting like complete jerks then saying that we have a God given gift. We honor God by continuing to live for Him and reflect Him while participating in the talent that He has given us.

3. Be Humble

This one is big, BE HUMBLE! I can't express this point enough. Humility is so important if we truly want to honor God in our gifts and talents. Similar to finances, we have to realize that at any point God can take away our talents as quickly as He put them in us. We do have a part to play and we can work really hard to become an elite athlete, however, we must approach that with humility. This comes with the understanding of our identity being more than the sport we play. We are defined by Christ PERIOD. Many Christian athletes when they get hurt or can't play anymore for whatever reason lose who they are! We can get so caught up in the game that we become "that guy" that is good at whatever sport. We need to be humble and remember Christ. Humility isn't about thinking less of yourself, but thinking of yourself less. Have confidence, acknowledge your talents, but don't make that who you are. You are a child of God and nothing can take that away!

Don't be the guy that walks to the field in athletic Christian apparel and a cross necklace and be a complete jerk. Walk to the field in Christian clothing, treat everyone with respect and be kind. Shop at to get some Christian athletic clothing that has purpose and reflects those values. Know Him and make Him known to everyone!

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